Taking the Privilege
out of Sports.

Did you know the average cost to participate in one sport at a public high school is $400 per student, per season? This cost can be prohibitively high for many students. Don’t all children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed?

Many of us have reaped the benefits of school athletics: team skills, resilience, grittiness, hard work and – in some cases – gaining access to invaluable opportunities in higher education. Cost shouldn’t prevent children from accessing the innumerable assets that come from participating in middle and high school sports. That's where we come in.

The goal of the 38 Foundation is to take the privilege out of middle and high school athletics. We want to make sure that student athletes throughout the U.S. have the opportunity to play the sports that they love; whether that means sponsoring travel costs or providing much-needed equipment.

At its core, the 38 Foundation believes that all children deserve equal access to opportunity; opportunity to develop confidence, improve leadership skills and to access the many opportunities provided by high school athletics. Help us develop the leaders of tomorrow.